Manage Card Readers

Attaching a Card Reader

Readers need to be added to your Gateway Manager before you are able to attach them to a merchant. Please contact your account manager so that he can add readers for your app.

IMPORTANT: If you want to exchange a reader, make sure to first detach the existing reader, before you attach the new one, so that the terminal ID remains unaffected.

  1. Choose the merchant and click on “Attach card reader”.
  2. You can now choose the reader from the dropdown. Look up the reader by entering its serial number. It will appear in a dropdown list.
  3. Once you have found the reader that you want to attach, click “Attach”.
  4. If you choose a reader that has been attached to another merchant before, this merchant cannot use the reader anymore.
  5. The merchant can now use this card reader.

Detaching a Card Reader

If a merchant will not use a card reader that has been assigned to him anymore (e.g. because it got stolen, lost or returned), you need to detach the card reader from the merchant in the Gateway Manager.

  1. Select the merchant from the list and click on the “Detach card reader” icon.
  2. Confirm the dialogue to detach the card reader.
  3. Now the merchant cannot use the reader anymore. If the merchant tries to use the reader, an error appears. See here.
  4. The reader can be attached to another merchant.

Deactivating and Activating a Card Reader

Important: Deactivate card readers if they are lost/stolen/broken/destroyed!

Deactivated card readers cannot be used by merchants and cannot be attached to new merchants. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Look up the card reader in the "Card Reader" section of the Gateway Manager;
  2. Go to "Edit Card Reader Information".
  3. Use the "Status" switch to activate/deactivate the card reader.
  4. Click on "Save Changes" to save the card reader's status.