Oracle EFTLink Integration Overview

Oracle is a provider of Point of Sale software such as Xstore & RetailJ.

EFTLink is an Oracle component to connect payment terminals to Oracle Point of Sale software.

Via Oracle EFTLink, CyberSource's Terminals can be connected to Oracle POS Systems to provide a seamless shopping experience, a great operator experience, and seamless reconciliation.

Architecture Overview

Please see below diagram for a general overview of the architecture. The components are:

  • Oracle POS: An EFTLink-compatible Point of Sale System from Oracle, such as Xstore
  • EFTLink: Oracle's component to connect Point of Sale Systems to Card Terminals
  • CyberSource Core: The EFTLink Module that connects EFTLink to the PayServer
  • PayServer: Component (Windows Service) that manages the connectivity to the Card Reader and the Gateway
  • Card Reader: Any card reader that is supported by the PayServer
  • CyberSource Gateway: Payment Processing Gateway & Terminal Management System


The Oracle EFTLink Integration has the following capabilities:

  • Payments
  • Reversals
  • Card Not Present Refunds
  • Combined EFT/VAT receipts
  • PED Pooling


To run this integration, you'll need to run:

  • Oracle EFTLink 15 and above
  • JDK 1.7 and above

The following POS versions have been tested:

  • Oracle XStore


Please find the relevant Downloads on this page:

Technical Guides

FAQ & Troubleshooting